Experience unique craft chocolate bars at Garcia Nevett tastings in Miami!

Try these hard-to-find craft chocolates at the next Garcia Nevett tasting in Miami

Garcia Nevett sisters getting craft chocolates for their tastings in Miami

This past weekend, Susana and Isabel attended the New England Chocolate Festival in search of fantastic and surprising new chocolate bars for the tasting part of their Intro to Chocolate class in Miami.

The festival was held at the Cyclorama in Boston and was organized by the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute. There were over forty chocolate companies and makers at the show, all of them selected for their commitment to quality and ethics.

Susana and Isabel were searching for special chocolates to showcase during the tasting part of the classes held once a month in Miami. They were not disappointed. 

They met with Christine from Palette de Bine, a maker from Mont-Tremblant, Canada. She is considered among the best makers out there and the chocolates were amazing. Very balanced and flavorful bars. Susana and Isabel have used other Palette de Bine bars at the tastings in Miami before, but they re-stocked as these are very difficult to find. 

Next up was another favorite of the Garcia Nevett sisters at their tastings in Miami: Good Now Farms. They picked up a very special 77% Mexican cacao bar.

Then they met two new makers: Boho Chocolate from New England and Qantu from Montreal. Qantu specializes in rare cacaos from Peru. The sisters are existed to bring bars from all these makers to their tasting in Miami. 

Try some of these bars and more at the next Into to Chocolate class on Thursday, October 24th. For more info, click here 

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