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Garcia Nevett - the best chocolate shop in Miami.

Garcia Nevett · Chocolatier de Miami was named the best chocolate shop in Miami by Miami New Times and best dark chocolate truffles by We invite you to experience artisan bonbons: the best hand-made dark fine chocolate confections and chocolate truffles crafted with luxury chocolate from Venezuela and Latin America and high-quality local ingredients right here in Miami, Florida. Sisters and professional chocolatiers Susana and Isabel make each chocolate with love and attention. Our chocolate shop has been designed to make you feel welcomed into our creative process through a window into the kitchen. Come and visit our chocolate store in Miami and make sure to say hello!

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Looking for a special corporate gift?

For your own pleasure or to stand out with your personal or corporate gifts, Garcia Nevett has the best chocolates and a whole host of options for custom chocolates and boxes. Visit our corporate gift page to view our catalog and personalisation options.

Visit our chocolate shop in Miami or browse our online chocolate store to learn more about Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami and our award-winning confections and chocolate truffles.

Want to learn more about chocolate?

As part of our mission we are dedicated to the education of fine chocolate: how chocolate is made, where it comes from and why fine chocolate is better quality. We are always learning and looking for the best chocolate. We offer chocolate making classes and the best chocolate events (chocolate and wine pairings, chocolate tastings and more) at our store or partner venues.