Dark chocolate as part of a plant-based diet

Dark chocolate is inherently plant-based

If you are wondering whether you can still enjoy chocolate when switching to a plant-based diet, then let us assure you: yes, you can! Chocolate is made using the cacao plant and it is naturally plant-based. 

A plant-based diet is based on the idea of increasing plant-based foods in our daily intake. This includes not only fruit and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. On a plant-based diet, dairy and meat are allowed, just in smaller quantities. Sugar and desserts are also discouraged, as are processed foods. Read more about plant-based diets

dark chocolate plant-based snacks

Quality dark chocolate, made with as few ingredients as possible, is a great option for a plant-based snack. It contains less sugar than other types of chocolate.

At Garcia Nevett we have plenty of options for a plant-based and even vegan diet. From chocolate-covered fruits to barks with different types of nuts and our single origin dark chocolate bars, there are chocolates for every one. 

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