Savory Chocolate Dishes and Cocktails for National Chocolate Day!

National Chocolate Day is October 28th!

As National Chocolate Day fast approaches, we wanted to share with you this fun article about dishes and cocktails with chocolate

Using chocolate in savory dishes sounds strange, but when we consider that the notes of higher percentage chocolate are actually quite complex and not that sweet it starts to make sense. Using 100% cacao powder as a crust for steak or 80% dark chocolate for mole sauce are two ways of using chocolate in savory applications. Another fun way of working with chocolate is using cacao butter to sauté vegetables. Pairing chocolate with cheeses is becoming very popular as part of cheese or appetizer boards. These are all fun ideas to try on National Chocolate Day. 

National Chocolate Day

Pictured here is a dish from an all-chocolate menu from CACAO, a pop-up restaurant at the International Chocolate Awards in London in 2016 that we went to. This dish is Smoked Trout with white chocolate puree, shaved fennel and black caviar. 

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