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Craft Chocolate makers set the tone for new trends in the industry

posted 2019 Oct by

Dark Milk Chocolate is one of the newest trends

The craft chocolate movement has revolutionized chocolate making in the past decade, setting the tone for the chocolate industry as a whole. Even here in Miami and South Florida, we have seen a rise in chocolatiers such as ourselves and makers such as our friends Carolina Quijano and Denise Castronovo. Through our work with single-origin and chocolate made with quality and fair-trade cacao, we all continue to push for better chocolate for everyone.

One big trend that is taking hold is dark milk chocolate. At Garcia Nevett in Miami we have always used a high cacao content milk chocolate, but dark milk goes beyond that. Castronovo Chocolate, from Stuart, FL, started making 60% and 70% chocolate bars and adding milk, thus creating a whole new flavor profile.

 We love Castronovo's Sierra Nevada Colombia 63% Dark Milk bar and have used it at our chocolate tastings in Miami a few times.

The result is a very flavorful and smooth chocolate with the depth of flavor of a darker bar. These dark milk chocolate bars were once difficult to find, but they are slowly making it into the mainstream. More and more makers are running with this trend and creating delicious chocolate. Recently, big maker Lindt launched a whole new line of dark milk bars.  We hope to see more of the production values and ingenuity of craft chocolate making their way into the industry as a whole.