Sweet recap of the 2020 Holiday season | Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami

As it has happened before, we were so busy during the Holiday season that we neglected to update our blog. We were especially nervous going into the 2020 holidays because we were not sure how everything would turn out. It really was such a strange year!

Thankfully, the season turned out really well! We had corporate orders come in from all over the country and our community really rallied around the #shoplocal movement. We were busy right up to Christmas Day. 

Among the best-selling items this Christmas: 

- The Flavors of Florida box: people were excited to send a little bit of Miami's tropical vibes to their loved ones in cold places

- Edible Chocolate Ornaments: we couldn't make them fast enough! These cute ornaments filled with three crunchy caramels were a bit hit

- Make-your-own-basket: lots of you liked being able to create custom boxes with lots of different products 

We want to thank everyone who stopped by, either in person or online. It's no secret that November-December are the most important months for chocolates businesses and your support is key to our success. 

And, now onwards to a new year and delicious new chocolate adventures. 

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