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Shape and taste of the best chocolates in Miami

It may seem that the shape of a bonbon or a bar of chocolate is based solely on the design that the chocolatiers decided on. However, studies have found that the shape has a more significant part to play in the overall enjoyment of our favorite chocolate bite!

As far back as 2009, when Susana and Isabel attended the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, France, shape in chocolate was an important topic. They attended a lecture sponsored by Nestle regarding the impact of shape on the organoleptic (say that three times fast) performance of chocolate on the palate. Turns out, the shape of the chocolate regulates how it will melt in your mouth and how the aromas and flavors will be released. 

Since then, other studies have come out on this subject. An article in Biomedcentral concluded that "Chocolates with round shapes were expected to be sweeter, less bitter and more creamy than angular shaped chocolates. In the age of constant product upgrades, it is increasingly important for food manufacturers and designers to take such considerations into account."

On a decidedly more buzzy note, San Francisco-based Dandelion Chocolate had an engineer from Tesla redesign their chocolate chips. The engineer created a faceted chip that, according to them, provides better texture and flavor to the chip. 

At Garcia Nevett we take care of the shape of the bonbon when developing the flavor. For caramels we use square molds that hold more filling and for tart fillings, like passion fruit, we use round molds. 

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