New Cookie bar at Garcia Nevett | Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami

Introducing a new Cookie Bar at Garcia Nevett:

The best chocolate chip cookies in Miami at Garcia Nevett

The Garcia Nevett Square Cookies have this special shape for extra crunchy corners and soft, chewy interior. We have three cookies available:

Classic Chocolate Chip:

Our chocolate chips are made in-house using premium Venezuelan 60% dark chocolate that has a great nutty flavor and is not too sweet. We finish each chocolate chip cookie with a little sprinkle of sea salt for added punch.

Flourless Fudge:

This extra chocolate-y cookie doesn't have any flour making it a dense and fudgy delight. Fudge Cookies are made with premium 60% dark chocolate chips from Venezuela and unsweetened cocoa powder harvested and processed in Latin America.

Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip:

This cookie is full of goof things: a generous helping of old-fashioned oatmeal, bright and juicy dried cranberries and, of course, chocolate chips made with premium 60% dark chocolate from Venezuela. A health-ish indulgence if there ever was one.

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