Level 1 in Chocolate Tastings achieved! | Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami

At Garcia Nevett chocolates in Miami for Level 1 Chocolate Tasting class


The first ever US-based class for the Level 1 Certificate in Chocolate Tasting was successfully held at Garcia Nevett.

A like-minded group of chocolate lovers gathered in the South Miami location of Garcia Nevett to learn more about cacao and chocolate tasting. At the helm was renowned chocolate connoisseur, James Beard award-winner chef and book author Maricel Presilla. Maricel is one of the founders of the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting. 

The class covered a wide range of themes on chocolate and cacao, from the history of the plant to how it's processed to become the food we love. Participants tasted chocolates from different places and trained their nose and palates with a variety of foods and other items. 

After taking an online examination, all the participants are now cleared to proceed to Level 2. 

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