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Intro to Chocolate Class

posted 2019 Apr by

thursday, April 25th

We are excited to be holding another Intro to Chocolate class tonight at Garcia Nevett, Chocolatier de Miami. Our class is a great way of learning about fine chocolate in Miami, beginning with a talk about the history of chocolate and how its made using the best cacaos from around the world. We then get to taste chocolates, guided by Susana who is a certified chocolate taster. She teaches us how to recognize fine chocolates and gives us clues to determine when a chocolate is not that great. We finish the evening with hands-on action in the Garcia Nevett kitchen. Everyone gets to make and take home three dark chocolate bars. 

We love how the class has become a meeting place for chocolate lovers in Miami. We hope you can join us soon in Miami's best chocolate shop for an unforgettable chocolate experience.