Chocolate Room uncovered in London's Hampton Court Palace

friday, april 26th

As part of our research for our Intro to Chocolate, we are always on the lookout for interesting facts about chocolate. We particularly enjoy when we come across little-known historical facts to share with Miami's chocolate lovers in our South Florida chocolate shop. 

We recently read about how, in 2014, historians finally located the famous secret Chocolate Kitchen used by the royal chocolate maker to make hot chocolate for kings and queens during the Georgian era. The little room was being used as a storage closet, but many features have remained from the original period. These include the stove and chimney, as well as folding table, cupboards and shelves. Next to this small kitchen was the Chocolate Room which held all the fancy implements to present the chocolate drink to the monarch.

Chocolate was a very important drink during this time. Learn more about the Chocolate Kitchen here 

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