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Fancy chocolate cakes from Vogue | Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami

posted 2020 Mar by

Baking Chocolate Cakes during quarantine

If you are like us, then being stuck at home means a lot of cooking and baking! Of course we love baking with chocolate, as you can imagine, and we have our tried-and-tested chocolate cake recipes, but this article from was very intriguing. 

In the article three French master pâtissiers share one of the favorite chocolate cake recipes.

First, Philippe Conticini gives us the recipes for his loaf-style chocolate. It has a gooey molten interior that should make this loaf extra rich.

Next up is Michelin-starred chef Jean-Francois Piege. His offering is more like a very easy chocolate soufflé, always an impressive dessert to make at home. 

And last, but not least, chef chocolatier Cyril Lignac brings us his signature flourless chocolate cake, great for those avoiding gluten. 

For the complete recipes, go here