Dark Milk Chocolate is now a big trend | Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami

What is dark milk chocolate?

For a long time, milk chocolate has been sneered at by most "dark" chocolate lovers. However, in today's changing chocolate world, milk chocolate is seeing a rebirth. Now, we can find milk chocolates made with higher percentage of cacao and less sugar and with just enough milk to make the resulting chocolate creamier and very complex in flavour. In the end, it's all about the quality of the ingredients. 

In fact, aside from dairy allergies or cutting back on sugar, there is no real indication that dark chocolate is in fact better quality than a milk chocolate. At Garcia Nevett we use Chocolates El Rey award-winning Caoba milk chocolate. At 41% cacao content, this creamy chocolate is perfect for sweeter confections, but retains real chocolate flavor. Most industrial milk chocolate is full of other ingredients, like sugar and oils, while containing less than 10% cacao. This are the ones we should stay clear off.

A big trend nowadays is dark milk chocolate. Chocolate makers are taking very good quality cacao beans and creating bars of 60% or more cacao and adding some milk to create bars that are absolutely fantastic. Our favorite dark milk chocolate has to be Castronovo's 60% Dark Milk Sierra Nevada.

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