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The ultimate guide to fine chocolate en español

We recently came across this article in Conde Nast Traveler in Spanish, which addresses a lot of issues we talk about when talking to friends and customers about the differences between fine chocolate and the mass-produced variety.

Some of our favorite take-aways:

- Stop considering chocolate by it's percentage. That's akin to choosing a spirit or wine according to it's alcohol percentage. The country of origin of the cacao and the maker are more important when choosing fine chocolate.

- Dark chocolate is not supposed to be bitter. Carefully fermented and roasted beans will not necessarily have a bitter or astringent after-taste. Pick fine chocolate bars that were meticulously made by bean-to-bar makers and you will find 80, 90 or 100% bars that are not bitter at all. 

Want to learn more? Read the whole article in Spanish right here. 


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