Covid-safe ideas for celebrating Haloween in 2020

Garcia Nevett ideas for a stay-at-home Halloween:

Creepy treasure hunt: organize a hunt for Halloween candy around the house. Use spooky clues and do it at night. What to hide? Garcia Nevett has bags of chocolate spiders, boxes of chocolate skulls, blood red marshmallow S'mores and more!

Trunk or treat: get together with a few friends and decorate your car trunks for a little safe trick or treating among your pod. Get individually wrapped treats, like Garcia Nevett's milk chocolate lollipops for your trunk.

Spooky movie marathon: start with something for the little ones, like Toy Story of Terror, and slowly up the ante, with The Nightmare Before Christmas and Ghostbusters, and then go full scary with classics like The Shining or The Exorcist when the kids are asleep.

Bake a Cake: Make a Graveyard Chocolate Cake with the kids, using the Garcia Nevett Cake Kit. Easy to make chocolate cake with frosting and lots of edible graveyard decorations. 
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