Chocolate and Cheese Pairing | Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami

Unusual pairings: try chocolate and cheese at Miami's favorite chocolate shop!

Last night, Garcia Nevett hosted their first Snail Social with Slow Food Miami. We have been part of Slow Food Miami for the past 5 years and we think that's one of the things that makes us Miami's best chocolate shop

We came up with two original Cheese and Chocolate pairings for the evening. One was a dark chocolate and orange bark with creamy, tangy goat cheese. It combined all the flavors of a sophisticated cheese board in one bite!

chocolate and cheese pairing at Miami's best chocolate shop Garcia Nevett

The second pairing was with our award-winning Anis y Papelon bonbon, which is a dark chocolate ganache with raw cane sugar and toasted, ground fennel seeds, and a sharp English cheddar. The ripe, savory cheese brought out the aromatic flavor of the fennel seeds leaving a long-lasting licorice aftertaste that was really surprising and pleasant. 

Chocolate and cheese pairing with Miami's best chocolate shop

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