Barry Callebaut launches cacao fruit, a new "all-fruit" chocolate

Garcia Nevett at Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy. New project, cacao fruit.


The chocolate world is all a-twitter with the latest news from big chocolate maker Barry Callebaut. The company recently launched a new range of chocolate products made using the entire cacao fruit called "Cacaofruit Experience". It is aimed at new consumers, especially millenials, who are more health conscious. According to reports, the first 

New chocolates made with this product will be available to select chocolatiers in May 2020 in two varieties "Wholefruit Bold" and "Wholefruit Velvety". The defining difference of these chocolates with others: they are sweetened with sugar made from the cacao fruit. This makes them 100% cacao-derived (except where milk is added). 

According to world renowned chocolate expert, Clay Gordon: "With Wholefruit, B-C is creating another, wholly new, category, one they refer to as cacaofruit experiences because it’s not about chocolate as usual – it’s about creating a new class of wholefruit cacao-derived ingredients that can be used to deliver entirely new taste experiences."

Read Gordon's article here for more about these innovative products

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