Big News: Garcia Nevett at the International Chocolate Awards

monday, october 1st
When we started our business in Miami, we decided to enter a couple of competitions. We didn't do so well the first couple of times, but then we were happy to receive awards for a few of our creations. We are really proud of our award-winning chocolate. But there is another side to the awards that we didn't expect: the great people we have met through them! From mentors from far-off cities to South Florida food artisans that we wouldn't have met otherwise, we are really grateful for the connections we made through the awards.

This year we won 4 awards at the International Chocolate Awards for four very Florida flavors:

Florida Keys Sea Salt: our classic Fleur de Sel ganache got an update thanks to flaky sea salt from the Keys

Orange Honey Caramel: fresh orange juice and honey from the Keys make a delightful caramel

Patanemo: a 70% dark chocolate ganache of Florida maker Cacao Gonzalez's chocolate made with cacao from the coastal town of Patanemo in Venezuela

Matcha: a white chocolate and almond milk ganache with earthy Japanese green tea from Small Tea, a teahouse in Coral Gables

We have designed a Deluxe Box with just award-winners, past and present. You can get them here. We hope you love them.
Susana and Isabel 
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