The Miami Chocophile Society invites you to a monthly gathering of chocolate lovers. Sisters and chocolatiers Susana and Isabel will host an evening of guided chocolate tastings celebrating the best of craft chocolate from around the world. Each meeting will touch on a different subject, for example: single-origin chocolates from Asia, female chocolate makers or new trends in the industry (dark milk chocolate, anyone?).

We will taste four different bars and two Garcia Nevett truffles. 

Discussions are welcome and highly encouraged. If you have a favorite bar and want to share it, bring it too. 

The next Miami Chocophile Society meeting will take place at Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami on Thursday, January 27th. Tickets are $25 per person and it includes a free tote bag and all the chocolates. 

Get your tickets here  

If you cannot join us for this first meeting, please subscribe to our special mailing list for new on upcoming meetings.