Easter Craft Basket to make at home

 Our Easter Craft Basket includes a chocolate bunny that kids can paint with cacao butter and almost everything they will need to make their own hand-rolled egg truffles! The chocolates included are all made from premium cacao beans in sunny Venezuela, a country famous for its fine chocolate. 


Make easter chocolate treats at home
Share the experience with your loved ones
Creare a new tradition



 Paint your chocolate bunny Chocolate truffle eggs
Get a milk chocolate bunny, three cocoa butter paints and a paintbrush so you can paint your own bunny for your chocolate gift basket.  Make hand-rolled chocolate egg truffles for his chocolate gift basket. In the kit you will find enough milk chocolate and the recipe to make 8 small egg-shaped truffles. You also get sprinkles to roll your truffles in and colorful foil papers to wrap them up.