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Get a Best-selling Chocolate Cake


Garcia Nevett proudly presents the best chocolate cakes in Miami.

The Garcia Nevett chocolate cakes are made with fine single-origin chocolate and the finest ingredients. We use European-style butter and organic eggs to give our chocolate cakes the best flavor and texture possible. 

The Garcia Nevett chocolate cakes include:

  • Signature Chocolate Cake: the best-selling chocolate cake in the store. Also available online. It is fudge-like that is not too sweet. Perfect chocolate cake to serve with ice cream, nuts and berries or creme anglaise.
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake: a light and airy chocolate cake that packs a ton of flavor, but none of the gluten. This cake is perfect served with whipped cream.
  • XL Chocolate Chip Cookie: our chocolate chip cookie cake is a fun size to serve at parties or to give as a gift. We use the same chocolate that we use for all our chocolate cakes.
  • Mini Chocolate Cake: a smaller version of our best-selling chocolate cake. A perfect size for an afternoon snack or special gift

All chocolate cakes are available at the store. The signature chocolate cake and mini chocolate cake are also available online.

Best chocolate cake in miami