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Dark chocolate and crunchy caramel discs

on·the·go CRUNCHY


Raising the {chocolate} bar. 

We want to share with you our favorite treat: artisan chocolate! These on-the-go bags are filled with chocolates discs mixed with different flavors. 
The recipes were developed (and tested) by us and made right here in Miami!


Susana and Isabel 


10 chocolate discs in each resealable bag. 

PISTACHIOS _ Salted pistachios. Dark chocolate. Need we say more? It’s our new obsession.

CRUNCHY _ Crunchy honeycomb caramel. Dark chocolate. Is it getting hot in here? Look how they shine for you.

STRAWBERRY MERINGUE _ Homemade meringue. Organic freeze-dried strawberries. Dark chocolate. Can there ever be enough? Don’t stop believing.

CINNAMON PUFFED RICE _ Crispy puffed rice. Hint of cinnamon. What are you waiting for? Rice, rice, baby.

CACAO NIBSOrganic cacao nibs. Dark chocolate. Did you say superfood? And then a hero comes along.

ASSORTMENT _ Two bags of each flavor.

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